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Enter: Drawing Gifts- Holiday Giveaway! (Closed)

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 15, 2016, 6:19 PM
:new: Update! Now will be 4 winners! 

Aha I still have membership for a couple of days -- might as well make my journal pretty

Anyways hi! I know i've been a bit MIA recently but thats because of some personal struggles. But this event is not about me, its about you guys !! :3 

Some of you may know I really like doing giveaways and events (especially towards Christmas time) I didn't do one last year due to lack of free time but I think I have enough this year. 
Although unfortunately I can't draw for everyone who has supported me, I want to give back in a tiny way. I'm extremely thankful for each watcher, each person who faves and comments on my work. I appreciate those who take their time of their day to write something positive on my depressing journals.(🔑 = boop) I'm sorry I cannot reply to them all, but I read them word for word and take it all to heart :heart: At times I am left speechless from all the caring words. There are some supporters who come and some who go, so those who are still here mean so much to me. Thank you.

Sleeping Moon Rules Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1] 

little star Entering is easy! You just need to be a watcher.
little star You need the keyword in your comment to be a valid entrant. If you read this entire journal, you will know what it is
little star You do not need to celebrate Christmas to enter.
little star If you are a newcomer, you are free to watch but it would be great if it's because you like my art, and not for the sake of free stuff
little star just comment below that you'd me to draw! OCs are preferred, but you are not limited from fanart
little star  You are free to post multiple characters, but if you are selected winner you must end up choosing one. (Or let me choose)
little star Only one entry per person
little star Winner will be drawn randomly
little star Entering will end on November 22nd, and winners will be announced the following weekend
little star Prizes will be completed and delivered on or about Christmas, December 25th.

Now on to the 

Sleeping Moon Prizes Misc Emoji-12 (Stars 2) [V1] 

Three winners will be selected! First come first serve.
What's up for grabs: 

(2) Semi-sketch colored bust:  HBD: Hiru by Seojinni  Jumin Han by Seojinni
(1) Bust painting:  C: Noa by Seojinni CM: Darling by Seojinni Kit by Seojinni

(1) Chibi! No example sorry, they're oudated ;v;

So if the first winner selects a bust painting, the other three winners are left with the semi sketched busts and chibi. 

Hope you guys enter! Good luck and thank you! ^^

with a heavy heart I'd like to share a friend's loss recently.
Her name is Jun, and she is someone I admire very much both as an artist and person, and was basically someone I looked up to during all of high school. Unfortunately her older brother, Geon, who was also an artist, both visually and musically, had passed at only 24 years of age after 2.5 years of fighting acute myeloid leukemia and germ cell tumor.  

Their family has a gofundme page to help cover the funeral expenses. I am in no position to ask for anything, but I really hope Jun and her family receives the aid they need. Any help is truly, sincerely appreciated.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

She also has an instagram art page, in which many of her drawings are of her brother.

Thank you.
maybe because it's 7am or maybe it's my depression, but the feeling of giving up on whatever I keep doing on dA and Instagram is becoming more and more prevalent.
I see the new generation of young teens being hella good at art. unoriginal, but still good lol.
and then I just keep seeing popular new artists pop up with the same polarized, generic styles, which I can't and don't really want to conform to. and it's not like I want to compare myselves with others but it's kinda human nature and I can't help it??
Just recently art uni is taking a really negative impact and basically every day I'm just asking myself what if this is all for nothing? Like what if there's gonna be nothing for me, being a concept artist is unrealistic blah blah blah. 
sometimes I think maybe if I drop all this art stuff now and go for something else it won't be too late
idk...everything is so discouraging ugh
by the time I finished typing this I kinda feel stupid lol but whatever I'm a lost young adult!! Cry run 
i probably sound like some angsty dumbass teenager but I'm actually really struggling w life......

last night in the dead of the night (2-3am) a single piano note played downstairs. everyone was asleep lol. It happened before last year but it was a different it's definitely not the piano :'D Idk I told my friends/coworkers and some believed me, while some didn't and said that's gotta be some kind of animal...
There are no animals in my house...and my logic is that there has to be some kind of physical force to push down a key. so yeah I'm p sure there's some spirit in my house but at least it's harmless??? for now??? my dad was just like let it be, maybe it just wants to play piano LOL ; 7;.....
it was all so creepy because the day before I had a dream that things randomly started falling in my house. idk I have a weird relationship with my dreams. sometimes they are so realistic I can't even tell and mix them up with real life. I dream every day and remember it all. I also had my time with sleep paralysis and astral projection which was so trippy af but that's another storyy.
ANYWAY anyone have similar experiences with like random unexplainable shit happening??? or explanations??? ;w;
Ahh helloo !!! ider the last time I made a personal journal.
anyway I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year..and express gratitude for all the supportive comments, favs, birthday wishes and positivity you guys give me. I'm really thankful!!

2015 was very hard for me, I lost many friends who I thought cherished me as I did for them, been played by people, was under constant depression because of school, etcetera 
I will be starting my 4th semester in university. (omg I remember I made a journal about how hard high school is -- it's so scary how much time flies) My school is apparently #1 in US and #2 in the world for art & design which makes me feel..lucky? but besides the high prestige it also comes with a price - 70k+ a year!! what the fuck!! lmfao
I mean thankfully I received scholarships but the costs are still something my parents struggle with.
Often I ponder and then become really stressed out with the possibility becoming a failure(?) even after going to such a good school. I get so upset because I'm literally mentally, physically, and financially breaking down because of school and it might not even be worth it.
There are so many times I wanted to just drop everything and just work in retail or something, because that seems like the better resolution. Anyway, I digress a bit and I just wanted to say that 2015 was essentially very hard for me, my family, and I'm sure thousands of others and perhaps you too. Especially towards the second half of the year I was spiraling down into such intense depression I didn't get out of bed to eat, drink water, or do anything all day. I had to quit my part time job bc it was getting so difficult. My dad said it's selfish of me and that no one's to blame but myself, and that absolutely broke my heart. I guess traditional Korean parents wouldn't really ever understand the possible psychological problems society and school could have on the younger generation these days. It really fucks up with your conscious and self worth. I try very hard for him, for my family -- everything I do is for them. But it's sad that they don't see/notice the effects it has on me. It was also difficult because the amount of friends who just lost interest in me is truly distressing...and those close to me told me cutting them off is the best way to feel better. I'm not one to just easily cut ties - I mean who is?? but I had no choice. I guess I do feel a bit better, but simultaneously I do feel a bit numb...Nothing started to really excite me as it used to, and my favorite food places just became food to me (idk if that makes sense lol) anyway...

I know that considering 2016 as a time to start new and afresh is a bit naive, since nothing really changes, but I am hoping for the better. I want to give my body the rest it deserves, do well in school, drink lots of water, and improve on art. Dear reader, thank you for reading this. If you had any troubles or difficulties throughout this year, I'm sorry it happened to you. But we are here and although the whole new year thing is just a labeled event, let's hope that the upcoming year is good to us!!

:new: Open again! Hello!!!Neko Emoji-27 (Being kawaii) [V2] 
:new: Starting from my next opening, PP fees are no longer mandatory. Paid fees will be considered tip! I will also no longer accept points.

Slots: (0/3)
  1. --
  2. --
  3. --

Arrow left Please read the journal carefully so you are sure what you are ordering!
Arrow left ALL payments are in advance! If you cannot pay it all in one go, we can work out a plan. Don't be afraid to ask!  
Arrow left NO REFUNDS. As a commissioner please understand that when working on your piece, I am using time and effort, qualities I cannot get back. If you are dissatisfied with your finished piece, I will do all I can to revise small details, however I will not redo the work.
Arrow leftI reserve the right to decline any commission I feel like I cannot deliver/do not wish to deliver.
Arrow left Please understand I am a full time student! Please be patient with receiving your commission. You are free to ask for WIPs and in progress shots, ONLY if you know I'm working on it. (I will update the status here.)
Arrow left I work in first come first serve order, excluding the simple head sketches. Those are should be done within a few days to a week.  
Arrow left Statuses will be updated on this journal, as well as slots available.
Arrow left I reserve the rights to post up your commission on social media. (dA, instagram, etc...) If you wish your commission to be private there will be an extra charge.
Arrow left FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY!! Please let me know if you're using it for commercial purposes.

I accept Paypal only.
Please use the payment of USD! Thank you! Paypal takes away a small percentage of the price, so please use this site to calculate your total. Thank you so much. (now OPTIONAL)

The Paypal site has updated, but the concept is still the same. Please make sure to check off  "goods and services" and "no address needed"! For a visual guide you can use this, credits to Onisuu  Buying art with PayPal by onisuu
NOTE: If you pay in points you do not have to pay the extra fee. If you need help, you can ask me or we can discuss it in your order.

 Star! WILL DO/WON'T DOStar! 
Please take a look at my gallery to see what I am capable of. I am always up to trying something new, however I want to make sure my client understands 100% what he/she/they will expect. With that said, I can draw 
Bullet; Green any genders
Bullet; Green  any skin color/tone
Bullet; Green  couples
Bullet; Green Fanart, however I do reserve the right for personal uses for the piece (making prints etc...) 
Bullet; Green  Intricate detail is ok, but will be extra charges
Bullet; Green  nudity is ok, but nothing hardcore

I will not do:
Bullet; Red  Furries/ though ears and tail on human is OK
Bullet; Red Mecha/tanky subjects, but mecha parts are OK
Bullet; Red explicit yaoi/yuri etc

Please take a look at the menu below and follow the form! Services will be listed from pricing, low to high.

Colored Rough Bust Sketch: $20 flat
HBD: Hiru by Seojinni Jumin Han by Seojinni

Colored Rough Cell Sketch: $40/4000 :points: each
+$40/4000 :points: for each additional character, Maximum of 3
Whether you want a background or not is up to you. Please let me know.

SC : Kazue and Akuma by Seojinni Trisha by Seojinni SC : Boaz and Melinda by Seojinni Commission: Hazel by Seojinni

"Floating" Simple Digital Painted Bust:  $50/5000 :points: FLAT price EACH 
digital rendering yet maintaining simplistic qualities. Flat means details do not affect the price. 
CM : Dino by Seojinni C: E T E R N E L L E by Seojinni C: Shion by Seojinni

Rendered Painted Portrait: $70-90
EC: Emma by Seojinni EC: Morinette by Seojinni C: Winnie by Seojinni C: The Silent Magician by Seojinni C: Noa by Seojinni Entice by Seojinni

 Digital Drawing Knee up : $80-100/8000-10000 :points: depending on details 
Enchant by Seojinni Haven by Seojinni
will come with simple or no BG

 Rendered Digital thigh/knee up:  $120-180/12000-18000:points:depending on details(+100 for additional character, maximum 2)

Rendered Digital Full Body: $200+ (Will not accept points at this point [lol])
Please note me if you are interested in this category. I may be subject to decline. 

Butterfly Queen Full Vers. by Seojinni C: At Dusk by Seojinni

Category type: 
Please let me know which type of commission you'd like to order and how many.
Name of Character
Personality traits: information about the character! this is optional, but it helps me get a better idea of your character
Outfit/Reference: references are needed of course! but let me know if I have artistic freedom to play around with detailing/outfits!
Any Additional info: anything you'd like to add!
Paypal name/email: if you're paying with paypal, so I know who you are!

Environmental Contest winners!+Raffle winner

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 22, 2015, 5:01 AM
Like all contests, choosing winners is very difficult. it was especially difficult for this one because of a specific theme that everyone captured and expressed in their own unique way. This is also the reason why it took so long ;---; if I had the time and points, I would reward everyone one of you;;; and I am not just saying that. The main reason why I keep points on dA is to give it back! Anyway, without further ado;; 

3 Honorable Mentions: 

Cleaning the Forests by Diacia
Diacia's entry had a wonderful magical feel to it. I loved the trees' shade on the grass, but my favorite part is how both the fairies and the elf is cleaning up the environment. 
Black Rhino by SpiritCall
SpiritCall I loved the textures in this piece! It truly did make me feel as if it was a fading memory -- great job in expressing the melancholy.
Imminent Future by Teayl
Teayl I was extremely impressed on how you composed your entry, all the while telling a story. 


THIRD:  Project of the week by Vittarius Recycle...Build your own TARDIS! by Vittarius by Vittarius 
I love love LOVED how you used old materials to make office supplies and other functional/purposeful creations. You took this contest from a difference perspective which is why I commend you!! Great job, and inspirational as well~

 SECOND:  -Time's up - by LilyNion by: LilyNion
Superb entry! not only is there obvious emotion in the mermaid, but the entire piece as a whole is very striking and thought-provoking. we know what is going on right away with the oil soiled on the ocean floor. When I saw it I felt a little suffocated, and disheartened. The artist truly grasps the audience with this eye-opener. 

aaand FIRST:  [1ST PLACE] Sprout Your Love by blandkid [1ST PLACE] The Saviors by blandkid [1ST PLACE] Vine Hug by blandkid by blandkid
This artist contributed three beautiful pieces to this contest! But that is not the reason why she is placed first. All her entries are all conceptual, attractive, and simply whimsical. The use of color is phenomenal as well! The first and third ones have mainly bright colors and focuses on a brighter, optimistic tomorrow, while the second, we sense the dangers of pollution with the darker colors.

Again, I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in this contest! I am extremely proud and impressed with everyones entries, and am truly disheartened I cannot reward everyone. 

As for the giveaway raffle...

The winner for a free bust painting isss:
 Winner by Seojinni SweetSilentReverie!! Congrats!! Pls note me what you'd like me to draw!

Happy new year!!!
it's been awhile! will be drawing for a bit.
first time drawing in awhile > <
Feel free to drop by ^^…

This will be the official stream journal I suppose

Mini Contest! (Closed)

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 11, 2015, 10:22 PM
:new: There are two days left till the deadline!! I've already seen everyone's amazing entries and faved them. If your entry is not in
THIS this folder, please let me know asap! For others, it's your last chance to enter an easy contest!!

Hi guys! So based on the poll I made, a contest seemed to be a more popular choice! This mini contest's theme is about :environmental awareness. We all use Earth's natural resources on a daily basis. Sometimes we forget that what we have is not necessarily our vital needs but parts that contribute to our convenience and comfortable living. What were to happen if we run out of these resources?
Unfortunately, we're already draining out the sources - water, gas, oil, and coal, which has caused drastic changes to the global environment, especially the extinction and endanger of many species, larger landfills, and more.
Your job for this contest is to tie this theme of environmental issues with art! Win hundreds of :points: , art from me and an extra gift! Please share this journal! Each person who shares will receive 5 :points: already from me! (50 people maximum)

How Can I Enter? & What do I have to do?

:bulletgreen: Anyone can enter!
:bulletgreen: Create an OC, paint a scenery or event, or make an artpiece out of recyclable things! Use your creativity to express your concern for the environment.
:bulletgreen: Any mediums are allowed - digital, traditionally, mixed, photography, etc etc. All styles are accepted as well.
:bulletgreen: Deadline: April 23rd, 2015 the day after Earth Day!
:bulletgreen: Judging will be based on creativity rather than skill, and how well and clearly you portrayed your ideas/concept of environmental issues. You want to make sure your art highlights the importance of the theme!

Facts, Topics, and Inspirations

Why should I enter?
Well, if you enter you obviously care about the uh, planet you live in so that makes you COOL lol.....(thumbs up)
You also spread awareness about the issues! This is a huge role for us humans, as the "smartest" mammals the planet. in In order to change something massive, we have to tell massive numbers!
And it's fun! So why not? XD

So what's the point of this contest?
Well simply, it's my way of sharing knowledge/awareness towards others about environmental issues, and hopefully engaging others to help spread it.

Sooo...what am I supposed to do?
Well there are many aspects to look at this contest. Do you want to design a character, a piece of clothing, building, furniture that would help or be sustainable for our planet? Do you want to capture a moment where you have done something helpful to the environment? or paint landscapes that depict the beauty of nature? It's all very broad, but I give you the artistic freedom to execute it any way you want! All you have to do is use your creativity~ It can be a warm and happy piece embracing Earth, or even a dark, corrosive one, depicting how we are harming the environment.

Okay, but I still can't really solidify any concepts. Any ideas?
Sure! Here are some topics to get you started. We got the popular 3 R's:
• REDUCE waste by using less
• REUSE containers and other reusable products
• RECYCLE old products to make new one

And some facts to teach and possibly inspire you :

-In the past 50 years, humans have consumed more resources than in all previous history. U.S. EPA, 2009. Sustainable Materials Management: The Road Ahead.

-Half the world’s tropical and temperate forests are now gone. U.S. EPA, 2009. Sustainable Materials Management: The Road Ahead.

-There is a floating island of garbage in the ocean the size of India, Europe and Mexico combined


:bullet: First place will receive 1000 :points:, a bust painting from me, and a customized keychain OR cellphone strap drawn and made by me. It will be shipped to you, so if you're not 18 or over, make sure you have permission to give out your address.

:bulletgreen: Second will receive 500 :points:, and a customized keychain/cellphone strap
:bulletgreen: Third will receive 200 points, and a customized keychain/cellphone strap.
:bulletgreen: Three honorable mentions will be chosen to receive 100 :points:

This is purely for a laid back, casual event, so please have fun with this! And again, share with this to your friends!! Each person who shares receives 5 :points: ~ Good luck and have fun ~

Thank you for 4k! QQ

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 12, 2015, 10:03 AM
I really appreciate everyone always looking at my work, favoriting, commenting, etc etc...I honestly love your guys' support.
School is tiring and drains my energy but visiting dA to receive all your comments is always refreshing...I lub u guyse....

So thank you for 4k!! TTvTT
and thank you for birthday wishes everyone!!! I tried to thank everyone but it was too many :'D And it's soooooo late lmao (last October, haha;;)

I received a gift from :iconbottlewonderland:!! It's so cute and sweet like the artist gjslkgjakl;ejg;;; pls check her out 

HBD Seo-Jin by BottleWonderland

Yeah so watchers appreciation post!! I'll strive for 5k next!!
and thank you for those who have been A1 since day1!!! You guys like....touch my soul....cries
I'm here for any of yall :heart::heart:
Thank uuuuuu

Christmas Free Raffle!, Art Trade and Updates

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 3, 2014, 11:01 PM
Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

:snowflake:Hello all!:snowflake:
Every year I've tried to have special holiday sales for my commissions but this year it looks like I've accumulated a pretty tall pile of work > <.
Therefore, instead of opening commissions I'll be holding a Christmas raffle, yaaaay! Also. I'd like to do a gift exchange with one other artist. More information later in the journal.

Up for grabs is a bust drawing, either in style 1 or style 2 ! (with or w/o bg basically)

Style 1:  Prize: Rei by SeojinniStyle 2:  AT: Aalyse by Seojinni

:iconchristmascandyplz: HOW TO ENTER:iconchristmascandyplz:

:snowflake: It's only open to my watchers! If you're not one, you can easily change that muahaha
:snowflake: Comment on this journal! That's one entry!
:snowflake: Tag your friends! Each person you tag is 1/2 an entry. So if you tag 2 people, that equals 1 extra entry in the raffle. Tag 6 people and that's 3 more! You can always ask for help if you're confused/don't know how many entries you have.  If you're going to tag people, tag them in even numbers!  
:snowflake: Ability to enter the raffle ends on December 19th, on a Friday! This gives me time to draw it for you before Christmas and send you as a gift c: hohoho :iconyoyosantaplz:
:snowflake: NO EDITING your comments! If I see your comment has been edited, your entry(ies) will immediately be disqualified. 
:snowflake:Good luck! 

:iconchristmascandyplz:ART EXCHANGE: ART TRADE:iconchristmascandyplz:

Hey there! I'm looking for one other artist to trade art with! How is this any different than an art trade?
Well, for one thing, I'm hoping we both agree to have the gift ready by Christmas. I'll be your Santa and you'll be mine! LOL that sounds weird, but it certainly isn't a Secret Santa.. It would be a nice thing to look forward to. <: I'm only looking for one other artist. What I'm looking for is :

:snowflake: Commitment and agreement that the gift will be completed and exchanged on any time on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
:snowflake: Agreement to draw OCs only
:snowflake: Agree to draw a winter/Christmas theme (not restricted to, but preferred)
:snowflake: Draw the corresponding # of people we agree on. (I draw one person, you draw one person. You want two people, then you have to draw two people for me as well)
:snowflake: Quality must be good! No sketches! (but it doesn't have to be perfect, I know time might be an issue)
:snowflake: Skill/technique is close to mine or on par OR have a solid style you're comfortable with

If you think you have what it takes or can follow the requirements above then comment below! You can apply and enter the raffle at the same time. I will note the other artist once I've found my 'Santa'


Thank you all for the birthday wishes!!! I didn't get to thank you all unfortunately but Ive seen them all T_T So gratefulll.
Also the other day I came across my page when it was at 77,777 pv. That means it's nearly 11,111 away from the next kiriban, so keep your eyes out!

That's it for now yall. Stay warm and don't stress too much from finals!! >:]

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Contestbann by Seojinni

Hello everyone! It's been awhile >  <
It's been so hard to come back to dA since I'm in college now...everything is so hard waaah ; A;
BUT I know I've taken a generous amount of time and it's time to get things back in order! And I'll start it by revealing the contest winners!
Ok so I had a really difficult time to choose the winners (part of the reason why it took so long) but alas I had to choose top three. 



I loved this entry by FadedxLight. Both Seo and Shiga's expressions are cute and perfectly match their personality. Seo is trying so hard to convince/chase Shiga but he's just unaware of all the effort she's putting! haha

 This beautiful drawing by blandkid was not only the first entry but also super cute and captivating!! I love the portrait artboard of the piece, and I love how chibi Shiga looks! I didn't realize till later after looking at it several times, that the string spells out 'fate'. The puzzle pieces also gave it an interesting concept!

This fun piece by SuuLore brought up a concept of fate I didn't really recognize before. I love how the couple is depicted; the artist perfectly portrayed Shiga's helplessness when it came to Seo!

This is one of the entries by :decPichHana:that made the judging so difficult. I love every aspect of this piece! Although it's a digital drawing, the whimsical colors and effects make it look like a watercolor painting. I loved the ideas of the stars and the threaded cups!

I found this scenic entry by RojalMia so goofy and adorable. She captures the motives and personality of Seo flawlessly! And Shiga looks so grumpy and speechless haha >w<

(Your other entry was also beautiful, I loved the galaxy atmosphere you drew )
This drawing by Usa-mero was submitted with a wonderful drawing and a beautiful description. I loved your interpretation of fated lovers against time. The light blue as the background was especially tranquil!

ShadowErmin challenged my contest with a different angle! I loved this unique's entry of the natural background and the accuracy of the character's clothes! Amazing job ;o;

:star:HONORABLE MENTIONS  for Technicality and Skill:star:

:Fate: by BottleWonderland
:iconbottlewonderland: drew such an adorable and fun piece. The composition was well thought and I really like the little stars that begin to dance down to Shiga. I also thought it was so cute how Shiga is holding up an umbrella as if trying to keep him away from them LOL. Lovely as always <3
This colorful masterpiece by cikru was certainly an eyecatcher. I loved all the different colors you used; while they were very different it fell harmoniously all together!
Not only is the composition well planned out, but omG look at the colors! They're so vibrant and beautiful; it makes me bubbly and happy inside. And how can you not love those rain droplets? Marvelous work by Skunkyfly > <
This digital painting by Linear-LAmour as yall can see, was beautifully executed. You can see the delicate brush strokes of her coloring in the hair, skin, and clothes! I especially loved the semi-realistic qualities of this piece.

:star:AND FINALLY....3RD PLACE:star:

Fate by eggbie
Along with an interesting yet true interpretation of fate, eggbie drew such a cute episode of of Seo and Shiga! They're walking on the same path which actually seems to have a woven pattern, so perhaps another representation of the red thread?! And their expressions: priceless! Confused and puzzled that the thread is getting shorter and shorter bc they're approaching their fate...I also really liked the painting style; so cute!! <:

:star:2ND ....:star:

CE | Seo-jin | F A T E by unextii
I loved unextii's drawing of Seo and Shiga in different dimensions! The contrast of dark/light really signifies the differences of the position they're both in. I especially loved how she drew Seo with the correct string, portraying her as the omniscience being as Shiga is the human being who is oblivious to all the consequences the strings bring.


:star:FIRST PLACE GOES TO helliann!!:star:

When Fate Brings Us Together by helliann
I chose helliann's entry for several reasons. All the little bits and pieces of this artwork: the maze of staircases in space to the red tulips in the fore and background display a beautiful painting with a message that goes with it. I love the gestures of both of them; Seo reaching out to him, letting Shiga know he can trust her even when blindfolded, and his hands; hesitant but surely, he takes a blind leap of faith towards her. This is a perfect portrayal of their relationship. Gorgeous work too! ;w;

Point and PMs will be sent out shortly. As for the top 3 winners, please send me what you'd like me to draw you! Because I am not so active on dA and to prevent any complications, please do not wait any longer than 7 days to note me your references. Please also give me some time to draw the gifts for you. Thank you!!

So that's it for now. Thank you everyone for taking your time and effort to participate! I appreciated everyone's efforts and it was very difficult to choose. (which is why I also took a long time) See you the next contest around! :{D

Some of you may have noticed and some may have not, (I now realize there are a lot of people that come and go here on dA) I've been on a semi-hiatus on drawing and dA.

Anyway ever since I started college I've barely had time to actually sit down and dedicate my time to drawing T___T
Which is clearly upsetting because..well. I love drawing LOL. I've been trying to slowly make my way back. blah it mighht be rusty too because I feel like I haven't drawn in ages. 

Anyway thank you all for stickin' with me!! yall cool as cucumbers 8D
Expect drawings soon!!!
Unamused by Seojinni

Free Drawing Raffle! (Thank you for 3K watchers)

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 28, 2014, 5:32 PM
:new: Winner is #17, :iconutau:

Wow today's pretty sweet because I finally finished a big commission that was dragging on and it seems that I finally reached 3000 watchers! I think I have extra time now to draw too!
jakjgkjgh, thank you everyone <: Haha so to commemorate this milestone I decided it's time for another free giveaway raffle yeey ~

This is to thank my watchers, so please if you're not one, refrain from entering sorry!

Rules are simple y'all. Just gotta:
:bulletwhite: Be a watcher
:bulletwhite: Favorite this journal so you get a number.
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A rendered bust drawing of any OC woo

Ex: C: Shion by Seojinni C : Clair by Seojinni C: Lunaria by Seojinni C: Rosalyn by Seojinni


Draw My OC Contest!! (Closed)

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 13, 2014, 6:28 PM
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:new: There are 2 months left in the contest!

If there are less than 10 entries by the deadline, the prizes will be nullified and each contestant/applicant will receive 300:points: and a weekly feature.

- prizes updated !! Added premium membership, features, and prize chibis!

AWWWWWWYISSS It's contest time! ~
I don't even remember the last time I held one;; I think 2+ years ago??
ANYWAY YISS. This will be an ongoing contest till October, my birth month!! :3
Truth be told I need something that will make me active while I go MIA with this Riven commission -___-;;


:iconsparklesplz:REFERENCES :iconsparklesplz:

Seo :  Gentle Rain by Seojinni Seo by Seojinni 

Seo has three outfits. Artist may choose whichever. You may also alter it a little, or add more details.
The third option, TRAVELER is not finished, so it's up to you & your creativity to finish the look! ~ 
Seo is a gentle and selfless time traveler, just stubborn and adamant to what she believes. She tries to convince Shiga they are meant to be.
As to color specifics, she is a dirty blonde/light brunette with tints of pink and purple in her hair.

Shiga: (also in the same ref above)

Shiga is a highschooler who doesn't acknowledge his presence in reality. He does not believe in fate, and doesn't believe what Seo says.


2. It's easy and self explanatory. Draw my OCs, Seo and Shiga in a composition that follows up to YOUR INTERPRETATION of FATE (aka destiny; meant to be)

"The red string of fate, also referred to as the red thread of destiny, red thread of fate, and other variants, is an East Asian belief originating from Chinese legend and is also used in Japanese legend. According to this myth, the gods tie a red cord around the ankles of those that are to meet one another in a certain situation or help each other in a certain way. Often, in Japanese culture, it is thought to be tied around the little finger.

The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break.
(It's optional to include the Red String of Fate to connect both their pinkies, but it may give you a better chance to win xp ) 

3.) You MUST draw both of them. 
4.) Any medium will be accepted. Digital, traditonal, 3-D projects... you name it
5.) No bases, no tracing, no rendering.
6.) Please, no complaining! Also, no requests for extensions, because....
7.) Deadline is October 13, 2014 four months from today!
8.) Comment on THIS journal to submit your entry! You may also note me.
9.) Entries will be submitted into this folder. If you do not see your entry within a week, feel free to repost/resend. 


Based on the popular vote on the poll, there will be three winners with distributed prizes !! ~
(Prizes will be added if I find more, lol. Feel free to donate prizes/points!)


:bulletred: 3 month premium membership
:bulletred: 2500 :points:
:bulletred: Full illustration/digital rendering of full body of any OC. Ex:   CE: A Visitor from the Past by Seojinni
:bulletred: Illustrated chibi from blandkid Ex:  [CON: 1ST PLACE] Sweet Delicious Madness by blandkid
:bulletred:Chibi drawing done by King-Yaoi Ex:
:bulletred: Chibi from PikachuTheMonster
:bulletred: 1 month feature on my profile page
:bulletred:Chibi by MowingAdopts


:bulletred: 1 month premium memership

:bulletred: 1500 :points:
:bulletred: 1 month feature on my profile page
:bulletred: Full illustration/digital rendering of waist/knee length any OC Ex:  AT : Kerravi by Seojinni

:bulletred: Regular chibi from blandkid Ex: spirit. by Vaeu
:bulletred:Chibi drawing done by King-Yaoi Ex: 
:bulletred: Traditional drawing by PonyGirl4
:bulletred:Chibi by MowingAdopts


:bulletred: 500 :points:
:bulletred: 1 month feature on my profile page
:bulletred: Full illustration/digital rendering of a bust drawing of any OC EX:  AT: Aalyse by Seojinni

:bulletred: Regular chibi from blandkid spirit. by Vaeu
:bulletred:Chibi drawing done by King-Yaoi 
:bulletred:Chibi by MowingAdopts

:iconsparklesplz:JUDGING CRITERIA:iconsparklesplz:

I never base entries entirely on aesthetics and skill.
This contest will be based on creativity AND execution, but the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR is how thoughtfully and insight-fully you interpreted the theme of fate. 

Aaaaaand that concludes this journal post. Contest will end on EASTERN TIME ZONE (US& Canada)

Good luck and have fun!!

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spring updates

Journal Entry: Tue May 27, 2014, 12:31 AM
Hello everyone -- how are you all?

School ends in less than a month, prom is in two days, and I'll be graduating high school 3 weeks!! I can't believe it. I remember ranting about AP physics in sophomore year here on dA ahaha.

Hmm updates, updates. OH. right. I'm working on my last bust commission, and then I'll be working on the huge League/riven commission thing. I really really want to hurry up and get to the art trades;; oh god I feel so so bad for not touching that list. There are just really amazing artists I asked and I'm taking too long with everything T____T

+ I don't know what's wrong with me these days...I have lost the will to check dA and to draw..??ish?? My inbox is piling up by hundreds lol. I usually thank everyone who watches, but it seems impossible at this point. I think it's due to my losses in several contests. Or the fact that I'm starting to dislike my style even more /: Does anyone else feel that? Like you don't really like your style but you stick with it cuz you're good at it lol..

Anyway yeah basically that's all. oooh yeah I got a dog! Her name's Star and she's such a sweetheart >w< She's half shiba and half something else, lmao. She's white with black spots, like a cow ~

Hope everyone is good. Thanks for reading!


Journal Entry: Wed Apr 9, 2014, 8:09 PM
So as some of you may know I'm going off to college this fall =w= cries

I got into all of the schools I applied for ; 7;
Well not two of them because I didn't really finish the applications heh..But yeah I applied to School of Visual Arts (SVA), Parsons, FIT which are all in NYC, Pratt which is in Brooklyn, and other state schools. I got financial aid from most of them (SVA u suck lol) but they're still ridiculously expensive. I'm talking about as expensive as Ivy Leagues .... -_-

So after long and hard thinking, I've decided that I'm going to commit to Parsons. It has a very big reputation for fashion rather than Illustration, but hey design school is still all about design. (I think LOL)
I'm going to the Accepted Students day to find out more about it and ask about the costs. They gave a nice scholarship, and if I don't dorm, it will be less impossible to afford. But the city...every day..
Just thinking about makes me want to cry lol

Also, thank you to everyone who reached their hand out when I was feeling depressed. I think the storm has passed; I feel less down than before. Bad feelings linger here and there but nothing as bad as before. Thanks guys ; 3 ;

I'm posting this to explain my current and future inactivity on dA. I'm not leaving though. In a nutshell, I am hurting - emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, and socially. Please understand. 
Please refrain from commenting. You can, I mean, but don't expect a response. Thank you in advance though

I'm sorry if I haven't gotten to your comments/messages/commissions yet. I'm trying my very best.
Hey y'allll.
Lmao idk why but my last journal (sailor moon wand hunt) is getting a lot of daily views? o_o
Anyway that problem is over for now I found a cheaper (NOT CHEAP, just cheaper) wand on ebay. It's crazy, I think it was meant for me because there are no other bids, and I only found it through google search. The eBay search wouldn't show up this item...weirdd

ANYWAY KIRIBAN is soon as it's almost 3k away. Idk I think that's soon because last time it was frickity frack super fast. Literally zip 2k passed by and yeah. It was bloody. Good luck to everyone!

Anyways yaas it's 2014. Oh wow I didn't realize this is my first journal of 2014. Happy New Years, everyone she says on the 21st of January How is everyone? For me, I'm kinda down. A bunch of art colleges require more drawings sent in and I just can't...T_T It's midterm season and omfg I'm so super stressed. oh plus I entered the Scholastic Art & Writing competition. I got a silver medal on only one drawing...I'm kind of disappointed because I was so confident in the other and my portfolio as well. I guess no trip to Carnegie Hall for me T_T legit though I'm surfing through the tag on tumblr and based on what others won with, I think I deserve at least an honorable mention. I don't mean to sound so bitter, it's just like...every region depends on the director of it and I think mine was just really strict?? Ugh ;^; so yeah I'm pretty sad.

But it's my first post of 2014 so I guess I should end it on a better note. ummm...
. . .
There's really nothing good to say lol..except my victory of the sailor moon wand. My sister came home from college for good and we basically have a 50k debt. Another 2k for her new community college, my dad's car broke down and requires another 2-3k for a fix, and uh yeah. hashtag broke4life

It's terribly upsetting and I'm mad and sad. I don't even know how I'm going to earn a degree. People say "don't want for your life to change, make it change" but I learned, even in sociology class, that it's not always entirely in my control. I mean I guess spiritually I can force myself to be happy by saying these don't things really matter, but it really does. My family is struggling, I'm struggling, and I don't know what to do. 
-sobs 5ever-

Anyway, hope you're all doing well. 
lmfao thanks for reading all this if you did
EDIT: Feb 7 I got it, and it's so incredibly gorgeous.


Hello everyone! This will be a temporary journal. 
As the title says, I'm desperately looking for the SM wand, Spiral Heart Moon Rod. Perhaps one of my watchers/people on dA may have one that they don't really want??? Q^Q yeah right

It looks like this :

(pictures belong to rightful owners)

I know y'all think I'm lame and I'm childish BUT JUDGE ALL YOU WANT I REALLY WANT THIS D: 
So if any of you have one and is willing to part with it PLEASE LET ME KNOW! LOL
I'll offer $$, points, or eternity of drawings (OR ALL OF THE ABOVE) if I have to. Obviously not too much money bc then I could get it from eBay, lol.

I really don't care if it's used or has no box, I'd like it to be intact with working lights and sounds.
So yeah, please note me kg;agjakj I frkin love Sailor Moon;; it's wht made me want to draw when I was 3 YES that young T_T
Hello all! Hope you're enjoying your break! ~ :iconkittyglompplz:

I've been stressing out about college applications lately. I'm almost done applying to them all; I think I have 2 or 3 left. Only one notified me if I got in or not and that's because it's not really an art school, haha.
Still, I hope one of the art schools in New York accept me and offer a generous package. That's all I really want. so much >_< Bleh it makes me so sad that college is so expensive here in U.S...(10k-50k per year) I really don't want to have a huge debt on my shoulders when I graduate or burden my parents// D:

Anyway although it's stressful right now, it's still holiday season and I'm in a giving mood! I want to give back for all I've received from you guys. I'm so thankful for all the favs, comments, support, and motivation I receive here on dA. I also have too many points, so what better time is there to give away some now? x)

Other Updates: I made a side account for traditional art/sketches/scraps
so yeah. Mostly stuff required by school and stuff. Feel free to check it out! 

:bulletred: Since this is a way of giving back to my supporters, WATCHERS ONLY. If you happen to come across this journal and you want to join the giveaway, feel free to join by watching me. 
:bulletgreen: Favorite this journal.
:bulletred: Lol, that's it. Feel free to share this journal to your friends if you want to split the prize. This is not mandatory nor required.
:bulletgreen: Winner will be chosen by the random number generator on December 30th, 11:59 EST
:bulletred: I will note the winner ASAP and this journal will be updated. They will have 24 hours to reply. If no response, another will be chosen.

Good luck to all! Enjoy a happy and safe holiday ~